Incorporating the Docklands Dental Referral Centre
Tel: 0207 538 9990

Hygienist fees

  • Oral Hygiene Services

  • Maintenance Clean (30min)from £67.50
    Includes: Full mouth scaling and polish
    Recommended for patients with minimal plaque/calculus
    build-up and stains
  • Advance Clean (25-30mins)from £85.00
    Includes-Full mouth scaling, prophy jet and polish
    Recommended for patients with plaque/calculus and heavy
    stains (tea/coffee/red wine and tobacco)
  • Deep Clean (60 mins)from £120.00
    Includes: Full-mouth pocket charting, Deep-scale and
    ultrasonic scaling device. Tailored oral hygiene advice
    with pictured diagrams. Recommended for patients with
    moderate/poor oral hygiene.
  • Checkups (including x-rays) from £65.00
  • Emergency appointments (including x-rays) from £65.00