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Toothwear and grinding

Teeth grinding (Bruxism) is when you clench your teeth during the day or while you are asleep, consciously or unconsciously. It is considered both a dental and a medical problem because it affects the teeth and the surrounding areas of your head.

There are various reasons for grinding your teeth, but primarily it is associated with stress. You may also grind your teeth because the are not aligned with each other.

Children also grind their teeth, but because their teeth are not permanent it isn't as big as issue as with adults, who aren't going to grow any new teeth.

Grinding your teeth together over a prolonged period of time can lead to misshapen and cracked teeth. It can also result in cracked fillings and broken dentures.

The most common treatment procedures for teeth grinding:

  1. The most common reason for clenching your teeth is stress. Your dentist will usually make an initial diagnosis by checking your teeth. If the problem is believed to be stress related, then we would then recommend you see a specialist for further treatment.

  2. We prescribe mouth guards or similar devices (usually worn at night) that help to keep your jaw in place.

  3. Crowns and overlays are sometimes used to help reshape teeth that have been exposed to large amounts of grinding. This can result in a more comfortable bite and, whilst it might not stop you grinding your teeth, it will protect your damaged teeth and help to prevent further damage occurring.