Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are an excellent option for patients looking for a discreet way of straightening their teeth. Made from clear and tooth-coloured components, ceramic braces are a more aesthetically-pleasing option than traditional metal fixed braces.

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What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are fixed braces, which feature brackets that are made entirely from transparent materials or of a mixture of clear and ceramic materials that are designed to match the shade of the natural teeth perfectly. Fixed braces offer a lot of benefits, especially for patients who require intensive treatment, but they’re not always appealing due to their visibility. With ceramic braces, you can enjoy the benefits of fixed braces without worrying about how your braces look. This type of fixed brace is much more discreet. You can combine clear or ceramic brackets with transparent or tooth-coloured wires.


Who can benefit from ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are suited to almost every orthodontic patient, and they are capable of treating the same problems as traditional fixed braces. Whether you have gaps between the teeth, your teeth are crowded or crooked, or you have an underbite or an overbite, ceramic braces could be an ideal option. These fixed braces provide robust support, and they generate a lot of movement. When you have a consultation with our dentist, they will take a close look at your bite and examine your teeth to determine which options are suitable for you. Unlike some treatments, for example, removable braces, ceramic fixed braces are recommended for the majority of patients.


The pros and cons

Ceramic braces offer multiple benefits, including:

Discreet aesthetics
Guaranteed results
Reliable treatment option

Con – The only real disadvantage of ceramic braces is that they are not completely invisible like lingual braces and clear aligners. The cost may also be slightly higher.

What does treatment entail?

The first stage of treatment involves an informal consultation, which enables us to give you more information about ceramic braces and carry out tests to check that this is a viable option for you. If you wish to go ahead, we will create impressions of your teeth and draw up a personalised treatment plan. The next step is to fit your brace. Before doing this, our dentist will clean your teeth thoroughly. They will then secure the brackets and thread the arch-wire through gently. Our dentist will adjust your brace and give you advice about cleaning your brace and brushing your teeth. We will arrange regular appointments to see how you’re doing, and if you have issues or questions, you can call us at any time.



You might find that your braces are uncomfortable for the first couple of days and after tightening. If you have got mild pain, we recommend taking over the counter painkillers.

Yes! You will be able to eat most foods without any problems. It is important to keep your teeth as clean as possible when you have fixed braces, so carry a brush with you and clean your teeth after meals.

Treatment times depend on how much movement is needed, as every patient is different.

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