Meet the team

Sabena Bhuiyan Director / Specialist Orthodontist - GDC: 72268
Zoe Mansfield Orthodontic Therapist - GDC: 157389
Nayma Jahan Orthodontic Therapist - GDC: 213517
Nicola Ackers Orthodontic Therapist
Ciro Gilvetti Dentist with special interest in Oral Surgery - GDC: 101766
Periklis Ntelis Endodontics - GDC: 86084
Dr Ioannis Plastargias Dentist - GDC: 223633
Alberto Lopez Dentist - GDC: 166908
Caitlin Rooney Dentist - GDC: 258528
Vinay Varghela Dentist - GDC: 258583
Inga Lankelyte Hygienist - GDC: 261438
Kerry Wellington Hygienist - GDC: 192868
Diana Milena Orjuela Taborda Dental Nurse - GDC: 220444
Bilal Ali-Taleb Orthodontic Nurse - GDC: 256682
Meera Gurung Trainee Nurse
Sule Bay Trainee Nurse
Janna Akther Trainee Nurse
Maja Jaskic Treatment Plan Co-Ordinator
Waseela Randeree Practice Manager - Maternity Leave from February 2020
Andrienne Ford Head Receptionist
Sanjida Rahman Receptionist
Seher Macit Receptionist
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