Meet the team

Sabena Bhuiyan Director / Specialist Orthodontist - GDC: 72268
Zoe Mansfield Orthodontic Therapist - GDC: 157389
Nayma Jahan Orthodontic Therapist - GDC: 213517
Nicola Ackers Orthodontic Therapist
Periklis Ntelis Endodontics - GDC: 86084
Dr Ioannis Plastargias Dentist - GDC: 223633
Alberto Lopez Dentist - GDC: 166908
Caitlin Rooney Dentist - GDC: 258528
Inga Lankelyte Hygienist - GDC: 261438
Bilal Ali-Taleb Orthodontic Nurse - GDC: 256682
Meera Gurung Trainee Nurse
Sule Bay Trainee Nurse
Maja Jaskic Treatment Plan Co-Ordinator
Waseela Randeree Practice Manager - Maternity Leave from February 2020
Andrienne Ford Head Receptionist
Sanjida Rahman Receptionist
Seher Macit Receptionist
Mohamad Walid Al Torman Specialist Oral Surgeon
Sadia Begum Trainee nurse
Melike Bugancik Trainee nurse
Ozlem Acar Receptionist
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