New Patients & Examinations
Check ups / emergency appointment£75.00 x-rays not included
Orthodontic specialist consultationfrom £75.00
Fissure sealants (per tooth)from £15.00
Porcelain bondedfrom £450.00
Ceramicfrom £550.00
Premier Ceramicfrom £600.00
Porcelain bonded (3 units)from £1350.00
Maryland Bridge (1 unit)from £550.00
Up to 3 teeth from £350.00
Up to 8 teethfrom £400.00
Over 9 teethfrom £450.00
Chromefrom £900.00
Small x-ray and report£10.00
Panoramic / Cephalomatic x-ray£50.00
Fillings - Amalgam (silver)
Smallfrom £80.00
Mediumfrom £120.00
Largefrom £150.00
Fillings - White composite
Abrasion repairfrom £35.00
Smallfrom £140.00
Mediumfrom £180.00
Largefrom £200.00
*Failure to inform us of cancellation of a private appointment will regrettably result in a £75 charge.
Routinefrom £110.00
Surgicalfrom £275.00
Complex Root Canal Treatment
For Initial Root Canal Treatment:
Endodontic Consultationfrom £120.00
Incisorsfrom £595.00
Premolarsfrom £595.00
Molarsfrom £795.00
For Re-treatments:
Placementfrom £2000.00
Restorativefrom £2000.00
Tooth Whitening
Homefrom £450.00
Combinationfrom £600.00
Composite facingfrom £200.00
Porcelainfrom £750.00
Composite Inlayfrom £350.00
Porcelain InlayFrom £650.00
Fixedfrom £2650.00
2 Arch metallic£3500.00
2 Arch ceramic£3900.00
Invisalign Full£4250.00
Invisalign Lite £3250.00
Invisalign Teen£3800.00
Retainersfrom £200.00
Replacement Retainers£200 per retainer
Bonded Retainer£350 per arch
Bonded Retainer Repair£150 per arch
Essix Retainer£200 per arch
Further details can be found on our dedicated Orthodontic website
Oral Hygiene Services
Maintenance Clean (45min)
Includes: Full mouth scaling and polish
Recommended for patients with minimal plaque/calculus build-up and stains
from £90.00 + £25 for prophy jet = £115
Under 18 Clean (45min)
Includes: Full mouth scaling and polish
Recommended for under 18 patients with minimal plaque/calculus build-up and stains
from £60.00 + £25 for prophy jet = £85
Advance Clean from (60 mins)
Includes-Full mouth scaling, prophy jet and polish
Recommended for patients with plaque/calculus and heavy stains (tea/coffee/red wine and tobacco)
from £120 + £25 for prophy jet = £145
Deep Clean (60 mins)
Includes: Full-mouth pocket charting, Deep-scale and ultrasonic scaling device. Tailored oral hygiene advice with pictured diagrams. Recommended for patients with moderate/poor oral hygiene.
from £140.00
Checkups (including x-rays)from £95.00
Emergency appointments (including x-rays)from £85.00
Adults Maintenance Clean (30 mins)£70
Happy Hour Maintenance Clean (30 mins)
for appointments booked between 11am - 3pm
Under 18's Maintenance Clean (30 mins)
bookings until 5pm
NHS Dental
Band 1 £23.80
Band 2£65.20
Band 3£282.80
Consultation£120 -45 minutes
Non surgical periodontal treatment per quadrantFrom £200
The cost of this treatment depends on the severity of periodontal disease.
Periodontal Review appointmentFrom £110 - £150 depending on severity of periodontal disease.
Periodontal surgical treatmentFrom £600 per hour
Mucogingival surgery£650
Bone grafting material£250
Emdogain gel (for bone regeneration)£120
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