New Patients & Examinations
Check ups / emergency appointment£65.00 x-rays not included
Specialist consultation£75.00
Fissure sealants (per tooth)from £15.00
Porcelain bondedfrom £450.00
Ceramicfrom £550.00
Premier Ceramicfrom £600.00
Porcelain bonded (3 units)from £1350.00
Maryland Bridge (1 unit)from £550.00
Up to 3 teeth from £350.00
Up to 8 teethfrom £400.00
Over 9 teethfrom £450.00
Chromefrom £900.00
Small x-ray and report£10.00
Panoramic / Cephalomatic x-ray£25.00
Fillings - Amalgam (silver)
Smallfrom £80.00
Mediumfrom £120.00
Largefrom £150.00
Fillings - White composite
Abrasion repairfrom £35.00
Smallfrom £140.00
Mediumfrom £180.00
Largefrom £200.00
*Failure to inform us of cancellation of a private appointment will regrettably result in a £65 charge.
Routinefrom £110.00
Surgicalfrom £275.00
Complex Root Canal Treatment
For Initial Root Canal Treatment:
Routine Root Canal Treatment (per canal)from £125.00
Incisorsfrom £395.00
Premolarsfrom £450.00
Molarsfrom £595.00
For Re-treatments:
Placementfrom £1125.00
Restorativefrom £1125.00
Tooth Whitening
Homefrom £450.00
Combinationfrom £600.00
Zoom! Special Offer: In-chair whitening including 30min dental check up

Special Offer!

£395 Offer ends 31 March 2020
Special cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer Xrays and other dental treatments are not included in the dental checkup.
Composite facingfrom £200.00
Porcelainfrom £750.00
Composite Inlayfrom £350.00
Porcelain InlayFrom £650.00
Mediumfrom £275.00
Largefrom £375.00
Botox Area 1from £200.00
Botox Area 2from £250.00
Botox Area 3from £300.00
Dermal filler (1 syringe)from £150.00
Dermal filler (2 syringes)from £240.00
Dermal filler (3 syringes)from £300.00
Fixedfrom £1000.00
Invisalignfrom £2500.00
Retainersfrom £200.00
Replacement Retainers£200 per retainer
Bonded Retainer£300 per arch
Bonded Retainer Repair£150 per arch
Essix Retainer£200 per arch
Further details can be found on our dedicated Orthodontic website
Oral Hygiene Services
Maintenance Clean (30min)
Includes: Full mouth scaling and polish
Recommended for patients with minimal plaque/calculus build-up and stains
from £70.00
Under 18 Clean (30min)
Includes: Full mouth scaling and polish
Recommended for under 18 patients with minimal plaque/calculus build-up and stains
from £45.00
Advance Clean (25-30mins)
Includes-Full mouth scaling, prophy jet and polish
Recommended for patients with plaque/calculus and heavy stains (tea/coffee/red wine and tobacco)
from £85.00
Deep Clean (60 mins)
Includes: Full-mouth pocket charting, Deep-scale and ultrasonic scaling device. Tailored oral hygiene advice with pictured diagrams. Recommended for patients with moderate/poor oral hygiene.
from £120.00
Checkups (including x-rays)from £65.00
Emergency appointments (including x-rays)from £65.00
NHS Dental
Band 1 £22.70
Band 2£62.10
Band 3£269.30
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