Damon and Damon Clear

The Damon system is among the most advanced orthodontic treatments on the market. Utilising self-ligating technology, Damon braces straighten the teeth quickly and effectively without the need for bands or metal ties.

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The Damon difference

Damon braces are an advanced alternative to traditional fixed braces. These innovative self-ligating braces feature sliding brackets, which grip the wire and enable the teeth to move more freely. Damon braces are capable of achieving a lot of movement, and they work faster than conventional fixed orthodontics. Damon braces are different, not only because they have unique brackets, but also because the technology they use reduces friction and pressure for a more comfortable patient experience.
Damon braces are more discreet than the fixed braces many of us are familiar with, but Damon Clear goes a step further. Comprising clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, this is a brilliant treatment option for patients with complex issues that don’t want to wear a cumbersome, highly visible brace. With Damon at Align & Smile, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


The advantages of Damon and Damon Clear

The Damon System is incredibly impressive, and it offers a wealth of advantages for patients seeking a modern solution for misaligned teeth. Advantages include:

Comfort Provided by friction-free technology, innovative self-ligating braces.
Fast treatment You can expect results around 4-6 months faster than with conventional fixed braces
Fewer dental visits required
Discretion Damon braces are delicate and sleek, making them an appealing alternative to traditional fixed braces. Damon Clear braces are made from clear components for the ultimate in discretion.
No need for extraction Damon braces are capable of creating space, so you don’t need to worry about having teeth extracted before treatment begins.

How long does Damon treatment take?

Every patient is different and some clients need a lot more movement than others. It’s impossible to give a time without looking closely at your teeth and your bite. Most cases can be completed within 6-20 months. Typically, you can expect timeframes to be around 4-6 months shorter than for traditional fixed braces.


Are Damon braces suitable for adults?

Yes! Damon braces are suitable for a diverse range of patients with all kinds of different orthodontic problems. Adults looking for a discreet treatment can opt for Damon Clear.



Damon braces feature cutting-edge, self-ligating technology, which accelerates tooth movement at the same time as reducing friction and pressure. The result is a comfortable, stress-free treatment experience and an incredible smile at the end.

It’s uncommon to need teeth extracting prior to treatment.

Yes! You might find that for the first couple of days, eating feels a bit strange, but once you’re used to your braces, you won’t think twice about trying a wide range of foods.

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