What are the main responsibilities of a dentist?


At Align & Smile dental clinic we are delighted to offer a full range of dental treatments and procedures so that you can be assured of optimal dental health and function. Our dentist In Canary Wharf has provided quality dental care for hundreds of patients over the years, treating all sorts of dental complaints and smile imperfections.

We are proud to be a patient-centred dental clinic as we are of the opinion that such a philosophy allows us to provide the very best dental care and positive patient experience possible.

When it comes to what our dentist In Canary Wharf does, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is, treating dental diseases. While this is of course a big part of dental care, modern dentistry includes so much more.

In today’s post, we discuss the multiple responsibilities of a modern-day dentist In Canary Wharf.

Day-to-day responsibilities of a dentist

Modern-day dental care is a multi-disciplined approach, with a dentist performing a myriad of tasks to promote the oral health and well-being of patients.

One of the first tasks during a dental visit is to examine the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums to identify problematic symptoms or to diagnose the source of the pain if it is a dental emergency.

Treating dental diseases remains an important responsibility on our dentist’s list of duties. Once the problem has been diagnosed, our dentist will have to make suitable recommendations on the treatment method to follow. A complete list of treatment options with the pros and cons will need to be discussed with the patient so that they can make an informed decision regarding their oral health.

Our dentist may find that the patient’s oral hygiene may need professional attention and may suggest a deep dental cleaning procedure (scale and polish).

Providing preventive care is another development introduced to modern dentistry. Dental problems can largely be prevented from developing into full-scale problems by introducing preventive measures as soon as minor symptoms begin to show themselves. Patients should view preventive dentistry as a method of saving them time and money. It is a lot cheaper and less time-consuming treating minor problems than leaving them to fester into more complex issues which are invariably more expensive to treat.

One of the more important tasks that often goes under-appreciated is patient education. A dental clinic that believes in the welfare of its patients will ensure the patient is well-informed about their oral health issues and the role they can play in keeping on top of their dental health and function.

It is on a visit to our dentist that you can check on whether you are using the right techniques to brush and floss or the right type of dental products suitable for your mouth. Patients may feel intimidated or afraid to ask questions during their dental appointment, but asking questions is made easier when you find a friendly dentist who is approachable.

At Align & Smile, we know the vital role good dental health plays in maintaining a healthy body and mind, which is why we focus on providing exceptional quality dental care and a positive patient experience. Whether you are in need of an oral check-up or dental advice or looking to enhance your smile, please schedule an appointment with us by calling our reception desk team.

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